Volt calls for more ambitious IVF law & legalisation of surrogacy

Volt calls for the legalisation of altruistic surrogacy, the introduction of pre-implantation genetic testing for chromosomal structural rearrangements (PGT-SR) and allowing siblings to donate eggs for IVF.

Jun 14, 2022

Volt Malta openly welcomes the new IVF draft law which aims to introduce PGT-M testing and make it easier for same-sex couples among other proposals however the party believes that there are still steps which could be taken to allow people who want to have children, to have them.

The party calls for the legalisation of altruistic surrogacy. ‘‘Some persons with a uterus want to get pregnant can’t for various reasons and it’s crucial not to exclude them.’’ adds Arnas Lasys, Volt Malta Co-President.

While PGT-M testing is a step forward in Malta, only 9 conditions are being tested for, while for example in the UK over 600 genetic conditions are tested. The party is also unsure why siblings aren’t allowed to donate eggs to one another for IVF as is commonly done abroad. 

‘‘We also want to ensure that the couple undergoing the IVF process has constant and consistent psychological support.’’ adds Alexia DeBono Volt Malta Co-President & former candidate.

The party also wants better clarity of what happens to embryos when the couple passes away. One proposal they give is that, Unless a couple opts in for their embryos to continue being stored even when they die, they are to be discarded.

Additionally, they propose that a couple may opt-in to an agreement on whether their frozen embryos can be used for surrogacy in the event one of the couple dies, or if they are to be discarded.

Volt Malta hopes that the government does use this opportunity to push for long-term ambitious change.

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