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Volt Malta's Projects & Electoral History

Volt is an action-driven party, where it is involved in not only participating in elections, but also advocating for change through action


In 2020, Volt Malta launched a map, showing which pharmacies in Malta sold the morning after pill. Unfortunately it's not available in all pharmacies in the country. Since launch this map has been viewed over 50,000 times!

Most information for this site was obtained from pharmacy.com.mt and doctorsforchoice.mt. We aim to keep the map as updated as possible. This website is a continuous work in development. Please tell us if you see something missing/ incorrect. Use the toggle on the top left of the map interface to find the filters.

See anything wrong or missing? Write to us at [email protected] so we can make this as useful as possible! You can also message us on our Facebook Page! Want to embed the map on your website? Go ahead!


In 2021, Volt Malta launched a tracker showing how much Government entities, Prime Minister, Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Political Parties and their Leaders were spending on social media, namely, Facebook & Instagram.

This project is currently being updated in light of the recent Government reshuffle of 2024

#PolitikaOnesta - Pledge

In 2022, during the General Election, Volt Malta launched a pledge for candidates from all parties to sign, to further honest politics and transparency. Candidates were asked to make the following pledge:

1) I pledge to not give favours in exchange for votes.

2) I pledge to not give favours indirectly through any government institutions in exchange for votes.

3) I pledge to not give favours indirectly through any friends/partners in the private sector in exchange for votes.

Favours:  Goods, services and/or occupations promised personally to individuals which would be redeemed after and/or during the election.

Almost every candidate was requested to sign the pledge, yet, only the following signed

Volt Malta (all candidates) : Alexia DeBono, Kassandra Mallia

ADPD (all candidates): Carmel Cacopardo, Anthony Buttigieg, Brian Decelis, Luke Caruana, Mario Mallia, Mark Zerafa, Melissa Bagley, Mina Tolu, Ralph Cassar, Sandra Gauci

Partit Laburista: Alicia Bugeja Said (elected as MP) , Felix Busuttil Galea

Partit Nazzjonalista: Albert Buttigieg (elected as MP), Bernice Theresa Bonello (elected as MP), Maria Fatima Deguara

Independents: Arnold Cassola