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Arnas Lasys (he/him) is a 27 year old Lithuanian-European who grew up in Mgarr and is currently living in Balzan.

His educational background is in political science and international relations, and also has an affinity for digital marketing.

He joined Volt Europa in 2018, where he volunteered in its social media team. During the 2019 European Parliament elections he was Volt Europa's co-Social Media Manager, and the party elected its first MEP while receiving 416,171 votes across seven countries.

On 30th April 2021 Arnas, along with his co-founder, Alexia registered Volt Malta, and has since helped it launched three social projects, #INeedMAP, #PolitikaOnesta and #PolitikaOnesta pledge.

In March 2022 he administered the party as it participated in its first General Election, where it contested with two candidates across four districts.

In December 2022 he was re-elected as the party's Co-President for a two year term which will see the party through European Parliament elections

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