Bodily autonomy and reproductive rights

Reproductive rights are fundamental rights

Apr 13, 2024

In a true democracy, everyone should be able to make choices about their own bodies. But right now, when it comes to abortion, many people can't do that. They're being told what they can and can't do with their own body and life by others who think they know best. This isn't fair or right.

Some commentators use fetus dolls to make abortion seem bad and decrepit. But this only makes it harder for people to talk about it honestly. Then you have some political groups say they're against it, only changing their tune when they feel pressured by others or when they think it'll make them look good. How are we to trust such politics? 

The truth is, abortion is a healthcare and freedom related procedure and right. And in places like Malta, about 300 women each year decide to have an abortion. It's important to talk about this openly and to understand why it's a choice some people need to make.

In a true democracy, people should control their own bodies and make their own choices. Yet, often we see the topic of abortion tangled up with ideas about needing more babies or better sex education. While it's true that places like Malta need better sex awareness, framing abortion solely through this lens misses the bigger picture. This is about health, freedom, and having control over one's own body.

It's time to cut through the noise, look at abortion with the seriousness, and respect it deserves. We're not pushing for a "wild west" where anything goes. We want safe, legal, and caring options for those who need them. By supporting full rights to sexual and reproductive health, we aim for a society that truly values freedom, respects personal choices, and stands by democratic principles.

In a true democracy, we don't have to agree with our neighbours on everything. But we shouldn't stop them from living their lives or being in charge of their own bodies and futures. The idea that everyone must think and act the same is simply wrong. If you're against abortion, you're free not to have one. But why deny others the choice? It's about allowing everyone the right to decide for themselves, to be the masters of their own bodies and destinies.