Time for a new way of doing politics

Volt Malta officially became a political party on the 30th of April 2021. Its energetic members come from diverse backgrounds. While a majority of them have never been involved in politics before, its members come also from both major parties, and also minor parties, who’ve finally found a political home where they can truly be themselves.

The party is currently working towards contesting the upcoming local council and European Parliament elections due 2024.

In Malta, the party is pursuing a number of progressive issues on many fronts. As the first pro-choice political party in the country, we are fighting for comprehensive reform of sexual & reproductive health rights, among a number of other social issues. The party is also fiercely committed to ensuring equal opportunity.

Furthermore, the party aims to ensure that the economy is managed in a sustainable manner, ensuring the wellbeing of the public is a top priority.

Volt Malta is part of the European Party Volt Europa.

European challenges need European solutions. National parties are reaching their limits, and populist promises are putting our peace at risk.

That is why Volt was founded, a movement and party for the whole of Europe. We are the first pan-European party, with a presence in over 30 countries have political parties registered in 16 countries. We encourage citizens on the local, national and European levels to rethink and shape politics.

We are pan-European, pragmatic and progressive. Against the background of common values and goals, we ask courageous questions and make feasible proposals to solve pan-European grievances.