Volt proposes links to North America, an IPO of Air Malta & a Diaspora Pass

Volt calls for the promotion of quality tourism with direct air links to North America, a Diaspora Pass for persons of Maltese descent and long-term residents abroad and an IPO of Air Malta for shareholder activism

Feb 24, 2022

As part of the party’s sustainable tourism policy, it is proposing a number of policies aimed at focusing on ‘quality’ tourism rather than ‘quantity’ tourism. 

‘‘It’s time to move on from the model of expecting an ever-growing quantity of short-term visitors over summer to sustain the tourism sector for the rest of the year, we need a long-term plan which sustains the industry year-round.’’ added Alexia DeBono, Co-President

North America is an untapped market for direct flights into Malta, and by focusing on high-income locations, it would attract a new source of tourism and also could influence foreign direct investment into Malta’s economy. This would be done through the newly established Malta Med Air public company.

In addition, to further quality tourism, the party believes that it’s worth attracting the countless individuals who have Maltese ancestry. Malta has a vast diaspora across the world, and by creating a Diaspora Pass for them to use when they visit the country which would give them discounts, free access to museums and public transport.

‘’Our goal is to incentivise Maltese descendants to have long-visits to rediscover and reconnect with their heritage with their families’’, commented Kassandra Mallia, Volt Malta Candidate & Vice-President, ‘‘and maybe even encourage them to possibly consider relocating back, bringing their talents and experience with them’’

To address the ailing Air Malta, the party proposes a partial IPO to increase capital for the airline, and to encourage activism from shareholders to hold the administration accountable in their actions and management of the airline.

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