Bug bounty programs protect the public and businesses

> Urge Government to develop Good Samaritan laws for Ethical Hackers
> Urge firms to adopt bug bounty programs
> Appalled by the police action to arrest, strip search and seize their computer equipment was wrong

Apr 12, 2023
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Volt Malta believes that the justice system is not fit for purpose in the scope of cybersecurity and calls for significant change.

Following the events surrounding FreeHour and the students who were arrested after they informed the company of a vulnerability in their software, the party believed that it uncovered a number of shortcomings in the country’s laws and business practices.

It urged for more businesses to adopt bounty programmes, especially those with a digital presence, and urged for the Government to adopt Good Samaritan laws for ethical hackers.”

“By punishing ethical hackers, you’re only making it easier for bad faith actors to exploit cybersecurity vulnerabilities,” said Alexia DeBono, Volt Malta’s Co-President, who added, “a criminal hacker wouldn’t make themselves known and tell you where the vulnerability is.”

“If you invite me over to your office and I notice that the door doesn’t lock properly, meaning anyone whether they’re invited or not can enter and look through your files, should I get arrested if I tell you about it?” asked Alexia.

The party was also appalled at the manner in which police officers behaved with the youth.

"Confiscating the equipment and strip-searching the students appears senseless when their actions were in the interest of the public," expressed Matthias Portelli, Volt Malta's Vice-President. "What exactly were the authorities hoping to uncover?”

“it is evident that Malta must update its laws and practices on cybersecurity matters, particularly with regards to white hat hacking” added Matthias, “According to the National Cybersecurity index, Malta has the lowest score in all of the European Union (EU).

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