Vertical Farming, Agritech & fostering a Robotics industry

Invest into vertical farming to further food security & increase production, incentivise Urban & Community farming, build an agritech business incubator in Gozo and invest in a robotics industry to increase the productivity of existing industries.

Mar 21, 2022

Volt intends to diversify Malta`s economic and research sector by birthing and incentivising the sustainable growth of 2 industries that not only possess high growth and innovation potential thus, but Volt is also proposing the creation of the Robotics, and Vertical + Urban Farming sectors. 

The proposed additional markets operate within a model of sustainability, that is meant to tackle: (1) the ever-looming threat of climate change, (2) our country's resource depletion, (3) facilitate the transition to green power and sustainability, (4) promoting sustainable agriculture, (5) ensuring the reduced dependency on imported food products, (6) to protect and promote local growers and products, and lastly (7) to ensuring greater food security. 

Volt seeks to establish and invest in the R&D of the robotics industry by applying robotics to increase the productivity and quality of existing industries, such as: Igaming, agriculture, manufacturing, financial technologies, and financial services. Fostering an advanced robotics industry through the creation and implementation of a strategy in coordination with various bodies like: industry stakeholders, entrepreneurial community, educational institutions, and international experts.

Food security has become extremely more relevant with climate change, and unpredictable events like the pandemic and Russia`s invasion of Ukraine that has impacted that. It is crucial to continuously adapt. Volt desires to empower and reinvigorate the local growers through modernising the agricultural sector. It furthers food security and maximises arable land. Farmers would be supported through grants to introduce vertical farming. Furthermore, Volt will work to create an Agritech business incubator in Gozo.

Urban and Community Farming and Gardening will be encouraged in order to provide the public with valuable skills on tending to various plants to become more self-reliant and efficient thus reducing the carbon footprint, saving money, and improving our health.

Volt is looking to create new industries for Malta

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