The minimum wage should already be €1,100/month

The minimum wage should increase to €1,100 over 3 years. An NSO Directorate to calculate the living wage should be setup. Agreements may be created with individual companies most impacted by the rise.

Jan 17, 2022

Volt believes every worker has the right to a living minimum wage. The party believes that the minimum wage should already be €1,100 a month and aims to achieve this within 3 years. 

The way in which it reached this figure was by calculating 60% of the median wage, based on recommendations of the European Commission for a decent minimum wage.  Latest Eurostat data shows Malta’s minimum wage is 43% of the median wage, so 60% of the median wage (€1824.84) would be €1094.90.

The party also calls for the establishment of a Living Wage Directorate within the NSO that is responsible for regularly calculating the living wage, and also for the NSO to provide regular public figures on the median wage within the regular Labour Force Survey.

‘‘In Volt Malta we believe having good food and water, clothing, safe housing, efficient transportation and affording emergency expenses is a human right. A living wage is a stepping stone we are pushing for to make sure everyone has this right.’’ added Kassandra Mallia, Volt Malta Candidate & Vice-President

The party acknowledges that current rising prices on essential items such as bread and dairy are worrisome and are impacting the working poor among us, for whom paying rent and food for themselves and their families is the priority. It commends the efforts of Foodbank Lifeline and urges people to donate to them. 

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