Change in local politics

If you are tired of feeling politically homeless, dislike the way local politics has been carried out… then check out Volt Malta

May 18, 2021

Since Malta’s independence, our beautiful islands have been operating in a two-party system which has resulted in political apathy as well as creating a loop of political mockery and fruitless arguments.

We need to break free from this streak of conformity in how we see politics. Discussion about hot topics like abortion, immigration, corruption and sovereignty cannot be carried out with an intolerant attitude. 

For instance, we cannot dismiss the idea of further European integration so easily either.

Malta, just like many other European states, is facing the COVID-19 pandemic  as well as the refugee crisis, among other crises, which have impacted us greatly. That being said, we are not just a group of islands anymore, we are part of something larger. We are living in a world where the EU plays a pivotal role in our lives as EU citizens.

What we have learnt with these issues is that we need to formulate a European level solution to tackle them.

However, some Eurosceptics might be apprehensive towards pan-Europeanism and further EU integration due to the belief that it would lead to a loss of national identity and sovereignty. On the contrary, further integration in the proper manner will protect our national identity and sovereignty as well as enrich it as we have seen with the four freedoms of the EU.

Which brings me to the beauty of Volt, which helps tackle these worries. Volt, which is a progressive party, operates in a fascinating way, by involving every single member in bimonthly meetings. It truly functions in a pan-European fashion by employing best-practice solutions on a European, national and local level.

Volt has defined six challenges that are fundamentally important to be tackled by each European state and by Europe as a whole. These challenges are: smart state, economic innovation, social equality, global balance, citizen empowerment and EU reform.

The first five are policies formulated by Volt Europa, which the national chapters are free to adapt to the local context to make them more effective. The last challenge is one common to all the national chapters. This helps with the symbiotic relationship the EU has with European countries.

I joined Volt after getting tired of hearing the constant meaningless disputes between the two political parties instead of finding some sort of common ground to better the lives of the people they represent.

If you are tired of feeling politically homeless, dislike the way local politics has been carried out and want to see a future with the highest human rights, environmental, social and technological standards, then check out Volt Malta. Come and talk to us, ask questions or engage in debate if you with.

After all, what is politics without debate and conversation, without the sharing of thoughts, worries and desires?

Volt wants to foster an active citizenship, no matter where you see yourself on the political spectrum.

If you're feeling politically homeless, look no further

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