I am committed to working for a better Malta and a stronger European Union. My vision stands on three foundational pillars: Security, Reform, and Liberty. Each initiative I undertake is designed to enhance our security as individuals, as a community, and as a united Europe. How you might ask? Through essential reforms, I aim to address and rectify systemic challenges, paving the way for true freedom and liberty for all citizens. 

Imagine an EU where every citizen's voice reverberates with power, where democracy is not just a concept but a living, breathing reality. That's the Europe we're shaping — a place of equal opportunity and social equity, where compassion drives every decision and proactive measures pave the way for progress.

Picture a continent where solidarity isn't just a word but a guiding principle, where no one is left behind and everyone has the chance to thrive. From the halls of governance to the streets of our cities, we're building a future where fairness isn't negotiable — it is non-negotiable.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine what it means to be European. Together, we can create an EU that's not just stronger, but also more democratic, more compassionate, and more appealing to believe in.

A stronger and more democratic EU

  1. Fight Corruption - Empower the European Union Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

  2. Protect Journalists - Establish rapid response mechanisms at the EU level to provide immediate assistance to journalists facing threats or violence, including legal aid, temporary relocations, and security services.

  3. Engage Citizens -  Establish a permanent European Citizens’ Assembly, made up of a rotating group of randomly selected citizens, with rotating membership that would spark transnational dialogues on a broad spectrum of issues, setting agendas, and providing feedback on legislative proposals  

  4. Regulate Lobbying - Make the EU Transparency Register mandatory and introduce a legally binding code of conduct, building on the current response to Qatargate. Ensure EU Parliamentarians and officials publish their assets. 

  5. Reform the EU 

    1. Give the EU Parliament the right to initiate laws.

    2. Abolish the European Council.

    3. Replace the Council of the EU with an EU Senate and replace unanimity with Qualified Majority Voting.

    4. Replace the EU Commission President with a EU Prime Minister elected from the MEPs, with a Cabinet of Ministers instead of EU Commissioners.

    5. Promoting a unified foreign policy approach

  6. Advance the EU's Defence Industrial Strategic Autonomy - Focus on developing local defence capabilities, and strengthening security measures to protect essential services and infrastructure against cyberattacks and other threats.

An EU of equal opportunity and social equity 

  1. Guarantee sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights -  Press for the inclusion of SRHR in the EU Treaties and of the right to abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

  2. EU-wide respect for LGBTQIA+ rights and rainbow families - Ensure that the Fundamental Rights and the respective ECJ and ECHR rulings are respected in practice throughout the EU.

  3. Create a European Basic Income (EBI) - Modelled after a negative tax system, where people earning below a certain income threshold receive payments instead of paying taxes.

  4. Establish a European Skills Fund - Provide all Europeans with one grant every three years to be spent on accredited retraining schools in a dual system of classroom and on-the-job training/apprenticeships.

  5. Enable Innovative Housing Models - Support co-housing, rent-to-own, and lifelong renting programs to diversify housing options and reduce financial barriers to home ownership.

  6. Direct EU funding of cities - Fund the creation of green, liveable, 15-minute cities with functional public transport solutions and infrastructure for alternative models.

A compassionate and proactive EU

  1. Fix the EU Asylum system -  Standardise asylum procedures across the EU for fairness and efficiency, ensuring equitable sharing of responsibilities for refugees among the EU member states.

  2. Active participation in society - Enable access to education and employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers.

  3. Legal Protection for Climate Refugees - Recognises and protects those displaced by climate impacts as legitimate refugees.

  4. Social & environmental reform of the Common Agricultural Policy - Integrating social considerations into the CAP, supporting rural communities and small farmers, as well as prioritising environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

  5. Animal Welfare - Impose compulsory video surveillance in slaughterhouses to contribute to better enforcement of animal welfare laws.

  6. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Launch large-scale European research programs on carbon sequestration methods, both artificial and biological.

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